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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  August 27, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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diabetes and cancer. they've heard that biomedical research offers hope, that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator ben cardin understands the importance of innovative biomedical research, for patients, their families, and our economy in maryland. call senator cardin today. ask him to protect the 90,000 maryland jobs biomedical research provides and the hopes of patients everywhere. it's not just the future, it's life. >> good afternoon. i'm jennifer franciotti. at the kennedy family is gathered at the compound in hyannis port to say a final goodbye to senator ted kennedy.
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our 11 news reporter have the latest. >> following today's of morning privately, the kennedys the pair of three days of public tribunes and religious services in boston and the nation's capital. the summer retreat now shadowed by the loss of family patriarch, senator ted kennedy. >> i am thankful to all the people who expressed condolences. >> family members were out on the water sailing. it just a few weeks ago the senator, battling brain cancer, took one of his last sales on his boat. now the senator is making one final journey. a motorcade and relatives will export his body to boston where he will lie in repose at the jfk presidential library and museum, a place he helped build an honor of his brother. at the library, people will be able to pay their respects and honor give light and political career appeared close colleagues and rivals say the liberal lion of the senate had a
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big roar. >> once the debate was over, we would embrace. we would go on to the next battle and find ways in which we could work together for the good of the country. >> but also the gift of compromise. >> whenever we found common ground, he would stand up, even against the amendments of colleagues, and live up to the deal. when he gave his word, he kept his word. >> on saturday, a funeral services will be held at our lady of perpetual help, one of the basilica's that can accommodate hundreds. they will include world leaders, past president, along with president obama, all who will honor his life as a senator and the youngest of the kennedy is now a string out camelot. following saturday's funeral kennedy will be buried at arlington national cemetery, not far from his brothers, jack and robert. in hyannis port, nbc news. >> much more on the life and legacy of senator ted kennedy on our website. you can hear more reaction from
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around the world and you his life and pictures. also a look back at the legacy of the kennedy family and american politics. all on >> things here today pretty quiet at least one more day. it looks like we are in the actual 80's right now. you can see, 81 in downtown, 80 of the airport and 81 in east and an 87 in ocean city. a mile down there. 84-87 it looks like in central maryland some moisture in coming for an isolated thunderstorm. also a front that is all about. and that will serve as an end but as for some of the showers. tropical storm danny, 60 miles an hour sustained and it is headed in this direction. we are on the good side of the storm. that time it will be parallel. looking at that, friday night into sunrise saturday morning. a more on all of that in the fall weather report.
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>> thank you. new this afternoon, police are looking for a suspect shot a woman several times as she sat in and as you be in east baltimore. the victim was found in the driver's seat of a ford explorer and 4000 block of kenhill avenue just before 730 this morning, one block from ford worthington elementary. the victim within a 30's and was pronounced dead at the scene and has not yet been identified. city police are investigating a shooting involving one of their officers. detectives say a pair of officers were patrolling the area of hazelwood avenue in northeast baltimore when they tried to stop a late model toyota camry. when a car eventually stopped, police say the driver through the car into reverse and tried to run down officer and shots were fired. the driver was able to escape on foot but -- but the passenger was not so lucky. >> we do know the female passenger was injured in the right arm. it is undetermined whether she was hit by around the officer shot four hits by breaking
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glass. >> the woman was taken to the hospital. no officers were injured. if you live any information on the driver you are asked to call baltimore city police immediately. city police are investigating another shooting, this one than 1000 block of the undock ave. we are told an adult male was shocked -- dundalk ave. we are told an adult male was shot. investigating a shooting in northeast baltimore -- 12:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon a police say a man was shot in an alley. he was taken to hospital. no word on his condition. police hope to close the books on more than a dozen recent robberies with the apprehension of a single suspect. police a 39-year-old mark alcott lomax the minutes of robbery businesses. the crime spree started august 3 and didn't end until this month. police say lomax hit some of the
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businesses more than once including killer trash, electro clothing store. after the third robbery the owners get back. >> he went to my throat. at that point, my boyfriend had a baseball bat and cracked over the head. >> he is currently in a hospital. has injuries from a previous robbery. >> detectives say he actually seemed to express relief to them that he had been caught. police are and the lookout for demand over a disturbing series of sex offenses. police say at the beginning of the month at man expo opens up to a woman from outside her window in the apartment. a man believed to be the same suspect, similarly exposed themselves but this time after breaking into her apartment. it is a panel of crime that has neighbors on edge. >> i don't know, probably screen.
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maybe fight and kick. >> i happen to have a metal lamp shade. so, i guess i would use that. >> police say these offenses should remind people to keep their windows and doors locked, especially at night. coming up, and happy ending to a heartbreaking story in new mexico with a dog that was shot with an arrow. and a young football player dies after a workout in 3-digit temperatures. covering the nation next. when a much lighter note, a doctor from falls what animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions. you can e-mail y
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>> and northern texas families mourning the death of their 30- year-old son. he was found unresponsive -- 13- year-old son. thwhen he got home from practice he told his parents he did not feel very good and went to bed. foul play is being rolled out any toxic policy -- talked about as a report. the family pet survived surgery to remove an arab from its head. we do have to warn you, some pictures will be disturbing to some viewers. animal control officers in new mexico took these pictures you are seeing here of a german shepherd mix who was shot last week. we do have good news. the dog can still see and have not shown any signs of brain damage. they think there will be no
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long-term effects. officials say they don't know who shot the dog, which is not up for adoption. they say the dog had a very sweet disposition. of the dog is neutered and all of the shots are up-to-date. a rockslide at yosemite national park forced the evacuation of a popular hotel. this video shows of falling rock, some as big as microwaves, tumbling down from the base of the cliff. many of the rocks landed in the parking lot of the hotel, forcing management to close it down. while a few cars were damaged, no guests were injured and they hope that in a hotel opened by tomorrow. coming up, many patients are now turning to their ob/gyn for general medical care and advice. we will find out the reasons why. >> tropical storm danny continues to churn in the atlantic. find out how it affects our weekend forecast. 80 right now at bwi marshall. >> and the doctor from
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fallswood and a hospital will answer pratte questions.
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m in this afternoon's consumer alert, if you are big on travel without a big budget, you are a lot. according to travel ossining it is one the cheapest time to get out of town. plane tickets to a hotel rooms are on sale. brian curtis said details. >> labor day is one of the cheapest travel weekends, and so far this year. >> how cheap? travelogues and crunched the numbers and down prices for plane tickets and hotel rooms are way down from the same time last not as many but have been traveling so prices are coming
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down because of that. they want to lure travelers to their destination. >> consider these deals from north texas, denver, air fare is down 20%. hotel rates are down 23%. los angeles, air fare down 10%. hotels down 17% new york city air fare down 14%, and hotels down 20%. there is an easy way to save even more. >> on average, consumers can save about $315 per couple by booking a package deal as opposed to booking their flight and hotels separately. >> if you travel over labor day, don't forget that many airlines have reached their baggage fees which can eat into your saving. >> it depends on the airline you fly because everyone's baggage fees vary. but you could save up to $100 round-trip just by carrying on your luggage. >> so if you didn't think you put up for a trip this summer,
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take one last look. procrastination may pay off. but the deals will last forever. >> we haven't seen prices go up just yet. but chances are prices will start creeping up into the fall and into the winter. >> brian curtis for nbc news. >> one final bit of a device. if you know you will be traveling over thanksgiving and christmas, not too early to start booking. >> hope your doing well this afternoon. so for a quiet day. we'll get to the mid to upper 80's this afternoon. really no showers and storms over maryland but to our west there is a friend. a lot of range around that. rain and moisture from the gulf of mexico. and also further out in the atlantic we have tropical storm dna. that scenario will all flights into the weekend weather forecast. that said, will come out on the good side of things especially considering there will likely be a hurricane sometime -- off the
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shore sometime saturday morning. 81 over on the shores, eastern shore looking pretty nice. going to be a great day in the mountains of western maryland,- maybe a pop-up thunderstorm later this afternoon. only about 74 degrees. in the heart of the state, charm city, central american, looks like 86 before it is all over and we really cannot isolate -- rollout and eyes lit a thunderstorm -- central maryland. by this week and we will be dealing with swells and rip currents thanks to a tropical storm, potential category one hurricane. 102 was the record high set back in 1948. record low in 53 was set way back in 1885. 62 is where we should be but one of the cloud cover tonight and think we will be 65-72 and we will have a better chance of seeing showers and storms. stalled out front not a major player. did not develop a major
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rainfall. kind of lifted to the north. kind of help produce more showers and storms even though the tropical system will be well off the shores by the weekend. 60 miles an hour sustained winds. it is not very well organized. moving to the northwest at around 10 miles an hour to 50 miles an hour. still on a wobbly direction -- 10 miles an hour to 15 miles an hour. this puts us on a parallel latitude to ocean city, probably the best that saturday morning at this point. off cape hatteras, sometime friday, start see bring showers friday but just off the shores so we are on the good side of the hurricane, because the danger squadron is normally northeast. not too bad for a spirited it may affect the new england area over the weekend. here is how it plays out. with all the moisture on, not only the tropical system but a front and secondly front, hit or miss showers and storms brought a more clouds than sun. but once busted -- front gets
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through sunday, beautiful next week. it will feel like all, and the 70's. >> that sounds really wonderful. thank you. dr. tim hammonds from falls road m hospital brought a puppet -- tim hammonds. >> cute little thing. >> adorable. >> she is 10 weeks old and right now she is kind of slow. but when she starts -- they are so fast, almost like flash gordon. you open a door. >> in and out. they are gone. we have a lot of questions. linda in port deposit says her dog lucky gets so upset during a thunderstorm that my husband and i are free to have a heart attack. would it be okay to give her a sedative? >> absolutely. she may have sort of a heart attack -- not necessarily a heart attack but what happens is they injure themselves. they scratch on the door until their paws garrote or run out
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of -- pause get raw or they run out into the street. they're all kinds out there. -- perkins season into the end of september. >> a shaikh sometimes. sad. mickey asks, my seven and a half big gold-russell mix has had pink in our right eye for 10 days. the not seem to bother her. >> the answer is yes, she certainly be concerned. read in one eye. probably not an infection. could be a little scratch or from the irritating that i. go to the veterinarian and see if the cornea is involved. if not, he will give certain medicines. right now it is a tiny problem. the eye is a big deal. check out. it is a symptom. what you're seeing -- you are putting the fire out. you don't know what the cause is necessarily. >> cooper weighs about 150
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pounds and his anal gland fills up once every two months. can we express it at home without hurting him? >> anal glands are the little glance around the but, around 5:00 and 7:00. they fill up. they are nasty. you cannot express it at home. you will never want to do it twice. i taught a stock broker once in baltimore how to do it, he was so adamant he could do it. i remember watching him do it and he scored it on his tie. it was so bad. in the answer to question is, you can get it done easily. you can also get it removed. no big deal. >> who wants to pay to have done all the time? >> jennifer, that stake is worth the fiber $10 of costs. it is nasty. -- that s think is worth the $5
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or $10 it costs. >> look at it or the little puppet. thank you for coming in. you can also send it the old- fashioned way -- thank you so much, dr. kim. whether for a checkup or mammogram or prescription refills, most women see their ob/gyn once a year but more and more turning to them for general medical advice. and the economy may be to blame. >> at just 22 years old, jamie is a healthy young woman. >> feeling well? ok. no problems? >> but she has seen her ob/gyn 56 * of the year for a range of issues. >> stomach ached for heart racing, colds or headaches and things of that sort. >> the doctor says because they see their patients regularly,
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they develop a long-term relationship. >> over time that relationship becomes closer so we become literally somebody that they trust. so they will come to us. >> the doctor says this is a trend he has seen for several years it but what these tough economic times, he says more patients are turning to him said they are not faced with two separate copays. >> if it isn't in that is a little more complicated or is going to be a long-term problem like blood pressure issues, cholesterol issues, then i encourage them to go see a pcp. >> jamie says she really has a greater comfort level with that doctor than any other. but the relationship you on that as a woman -- >> and she plans to continue looking to am for all of her basic health care needs. >> up next, your maryland lottery mid-day pick three and four numbers and another check on your forecast with sondra. first, a look at how wall street
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>> tonight, some 2000 magic to let thousands those on a recall list, up the burners can turn on -- to a -- 200,000 stoves are on the recall list. now maryland lottery. >> midday picked three numbers coming up. nine as printed on the ball. 2, and 4. 924 up next, pick four.
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but first, an important message. >> line at the state fair and timonium, the fun starts at 5:00 p.m. where we will be hanging out. >> don't forget to stop by the lottery both to play your favorite games and went off some prizes. >> wilhere we go. 3, 8, 3. 1. 3831. maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> we have a great forecast a look forward to. it will be on settled over the weekend. talking about monday, tuesday, wednesday it will feel like fall.
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but a lot of variables the 11, including tropical storm danny that the amount of what it will make land fall anywhere near ocean city. that is a good thing. 30% of showers tomorrow. stronger front will get through it looks like sunday and that front is going to get all the presentation of the weekend forecast into monday and we will see highs only in the 70's next week. pleasant condition, lower humidity. we will keep you posted on the latest. >> thank you so much for joining us. my husband and i, we love to go to steakhouses
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